When Have You Disrupted?


When Have You Disrupted?

disruptYou are a disruptor.

Typically, disruption takes place from technology. I believe technology will impact our health care industry. It’s a group of individuals–like you–who will transform it.

Because of your role in your caree’s care, you disrupt the health care system because you become the provider. You are as valuable in the health care industry as the doctors and nurses, as the hospitals, home care agencies, long-term care facilities. You provide a great value to the industry; your economic value is, at last count, $450 billion. You are the provider, regardless of where your caree lives. You provide what’s needed, through the care you oversee and provide and because you hire the right team, find the right facility and demand the right care.

The delivery of health care starts with you, continues because of you, and ends with you. Without you, our health care system couldn’t afford to continue.

We’ve formed a Disrupt group to share how you disrupt–for yourself, for your caree and for other family caregivers. And, oh, my, are you sharing Caregiving.com flyers wherever you go in your community.

On a regular basis, I ask you to share recent updates about how you've disrupted. How you disrupt inspires others to do the same.

So, I'd love to know: When have you recently disrupted? When have you fought for better and won? When have you worked your way and around and through the system to get what you need? When have you told you caregiving story so that it educates and advocates? When have you staged a sit-in to get what you need?

Please share a recent way you've disrupted in our comments section, below.


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