"...When It Rains, It Pours!"

(Editor's Note: We welcome a new blogger, Roaringmouse, who cares for her husband and their daughter. You can learn more about her on her profile here.)

When we think of the statement "when it rains, it pours!", we usually think of cascading events followed by something worse. But what happened the other night I know that there's a funny moment in it somewhere and I wanted to share. The title I picked somehow seemed to fit, but maybe someone can suggest something better.

The guilty parties: My SCI husband paralyzed from the stomach down, 15-year-old dog and the toilet.

Witness: Young daughter

Caught in the middle of it all: Me!

The setting: Nighttime. We are all relaxing in the master bedroom where we have the only working TV in our home. I am in the beginning stages of prepping the family for bed.

And here's what happened...The lights are off in the rest of the house. I've taken both our two dogs out and gotten my daughter in her pajamas. My husband is doing his exercises and our 15-year-old retired service dog piddles on the floor. I clean it up. Then I go to catheterize my husband in bed. He relaxes back before I'm ready to do the procedure. I had just finished barely prepping the kit when I suddenly realize there's a shower (and delicately said...); his "youth" was raining. I squeaked and he didn't realize what happened until I shoved a towel at him. Our daughter promptly runs to Daddy's aid and says, "Mommy! What's happening?"

Okay...so I clean up the mess, clean him up and all things associated with that event. Then I run into the bathroom for my "duties" as well.  The toilet backs up. Plunge! Plunge!  Plunge! Phew! That problem was averted. Thank goodness. I turn look out the bathroom into the bedroom and now I see our 15-year-old pup, looking a me, while squatting on the floor. She peed!

Welcome to our home!

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