When It Rains, It Pours


When It Rains, It Pours

It's early morning & I'm sitting in my friends guest room, hoping she is getting some sleep in her dad's recliner that he insisted bringing over to her. She certainly needs it. She has trouble getting comfortable to sleep between pain from surgeries and difficulties breathing. It seems to be helping her.

I've not written in awhile -- a quick overview of current situation. My friend (in the middle of a divorce) was diagnosed with lung cancer in mid May. She had one chemo tx in May and then after 2nd opinion, lots more tests, a couple surgeries to remove lots of fluid from the pericardium and from around her lungs, determination that target gene chemo wasn't in the cards, that the "slow growing" tumors are advancing, hoops jumped through to get chemo drug approved through insurance, and finally YESTERDAY, I took her to her 2nd chemo treatment, the 1st after nailing down the type of cancer.

Oh there IS so much waiting with cancer as Hussy mentioned a comment awhile back. Waiting for results, for scheduling another test and more results and insurance companies, etc....

Her appointment was at 1:15, chemo finally started at 3:30. She's gonna be on weekly regiment at this point... if she can handle it. Her heart rate has be way too high since May. It is really worrisome and I haven't heard anyone talk about the risks or consequence of having a heart rate consistently 110 to 135 and higher for so long. She has lost 20 lbs in a couple weeks, but some of that is fluid. She seems to be hanging in there but she is not one to tell you much or complain.

She is constantly thinking of others. She worried about me sitting in an uncomfortable folding chair while she was having chemo. So I left and went to the lobby waiting room so she wouldn't worry about me being uncomfortable and so that she might be able to nap during the process.

When I'm at home, she texts me to ask how I am, how my wasps stings are doing, how Phil's eye surgery went, can he see better.... always thoughts of others. She never misses a single receptionist, nurse, grocery worker, etc, and always looks them in the eye and says thank you with a smile.

And I keep thinking, she's gonna get a break. A couple days ago, her oxygen machine was acting up & her refrigerator leaking water all over the place. So she canceled our plans to get her out of the house, instead her 81-year-0ld dad was coming over to fix her refrigerator. Those things taken care of and then that night her air conditioning went out in 90 degree weather and high humidity. Luckily repairman was able to fix that night. That's just one day.... and I can't tell you how many additional problems, aggravations have arisen... 'when it rains it pours' so fits all she's going through.

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What an amazing friend you have. And what a wonderful friend she has in you.


I hope your friend gets a break, too. She certainly deserves it. I can't imagine being that gracious under fire; she is a truly remarkable person. Your love and caring for her is powerful.