When No Doesn't Work


When No Doesn't Work

pzU3e22616Lately it seems like I have an awful lot on my plate and I'm running out of room. We are in hurry up and wait mode in dealing with private disability insurance and in appeal mode with federal disability. We are doing the appeal on our own and trying to find the right words to convince people who have never met Mike that he is disabled seems daunting at best. On top of this, I am having issues with my own health and had to visit our family doc and now we have to play with my meds to see if we can get things sorted out. Yippee!

I decided I should phone my parents tonight and see how my dad is recovering from his surgery he had last Thursday. So far so good, other than the antibiotic they have him on is making him feel sea sick. My parents both know that we are dealing with Mike's disability issues and I know that my dad is concerned and is hoping for a good outcome.

My mother seems to be completely absent of thought on how things are going. In the past, I have been my mom's IT tech when things go wrong with her laptop. She has now decided to trade to a tablet of some sort and wants me to comparison shop. Seriously? When would I have time for this?

I know I sound quite grumpy over a simple request, but between working full time, helping Mike with his appeals, taking care of whatever else happens to throw itself at us, I don't have time for anything else. I said no, and that I didn't have time. However, the conversation ended with, ''Well, when you're at the store next, could you just look for me? It won't take long.''

Guess "No" didn't work this time 'round.

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I'm nodding my head here.\r\n\"No\" works because you're making it work. Good for you for not only setting boundaries but for maintaining them.\r\n\r\nI'm sending positive vibes from here, too. I hope you can catch a break -- or several. (((Hugs)))\r\n\r\nPS: <i>Love</i> the frog! :-)


What Denise said. (((((((hugs ))))\r\nYou may be 'grumpy' and you're entitled! Mom just did a 'manipulative' thing and I said 'no' and felt 'the same way'\r\nSo 'what Denise said'.\r\n\r\nil


Hi--I love the frog!! \r\n\r\nIt is soooo frustrating when you do so much and another, who is perfectly capable of doing, wants you to do that much for them, too. I'm sorry that's your mom. :( \r\n\r\nI love that you said No to her!! It's now her problem that she didn't listen.