When Parenting and Caregiving Collide, Do You Let Your Kids Off the Hook?

guilt-mdA family member with a chronic illness needs your care, which can mean your kids sometimes must wait. Or do without. Or manage on their own. And, oh!, the guilt can really eat at you, so much so that you might be tempted to let your kids off the hook. But then you've got little monsters living with you.

Yesterday, on Your Caregiving Journey, @G-J joined me to talk about managing the awful collision of caregiving and parenting, when guilt can tempt you into becoming a lenient parent. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

During our show, G-J spoke about when the leniency with her son creeps in, which is followed by her regret (and anger at herself). She also mentioned that she doesn't talk about this aspect of caregiving because she participates in a caregiving support group with members who are much older.

So, I'd love to know: When parenting and caregiving collide, do you let your kids off the hook? Do you find yourself doing too much for your kids or buying them too much or overlooking too much? Please feel free to share your experiences in our comments section, below.

Chat Reminder: G-J will host our monthly chat for those who care for a family member while raising kids on Saturday, April 20, at 11 a.m. ET (10 a.m. CT, 8 a.m. PT). To join the chat, log into your Caregiving.com account and then visit here.

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