When the Lights Go Out, What Do You Worry About?


When the Lights Go Out, What Do You Worry About?

cartoon-bed-mdI spoke yesterday with Christine from a website called CaregiverAccess. During the conversation, Christine mentioned a great question to ask family caregivers:

When the lights go out, what do you worry about?

Meaning, when the day is done, when the action stops, when it's you and your own thoughts, what worry settles in?

I'd love to know your answers to this question. Please share your worries in our comments section, below. I’ll choose a random winner to receive audio copies of Take Comfort and Take Comfort, Too. With these MP3s, you can bring my words of comfort with you wherever you need them–the car, the doctor’s house, your house.

So, when the lights go out, as you lay your head on your pillow, what worries creep in?

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I don't. Or at least, not lately.\r\nI never know when my partner will come up with a new \"theory\" to regale me with, or engage in a behavior that is unsafe and that will spur me to action. I never know when she'll panic about something and want to go to the ER, or if something more serious will send her to the ER. During quiet times I'm just happy to collapse and snooze because I know I won't be able to when crisis mode hits. Then I have very specific worries depending on what the crisis is and I lie awake trying to brainstorm a solution(s).