When We Made Plans


When We Made Plans

(We welcome Megan, who cares for her husband, to our blogging team. You can connect with Megan on her profile page: @maymegs.)

Silly dates at home or romantic dinners out

We always had fun, there was no doubt

Having friends over or meeting for drinks

Talking, laughing, we didn't even have to think

But that was when we made plans.


Discussing vacations or just riding to the beach

Nothing ever seemed out of reach

Spontaneous weekends or mountain rides

I was so happy to be your bride

But that was when we made plans.


House hunting, somewhere to build our home.

King and Queen, Mr. and Mrs. Stone

Saving money so we could have the best

We thought this would be our greatest test

But that was when we made plans.


Dreaming of the future and growing old

Always and forever, to have and to hold

Nothing could stop us, together we'd be

Us against the world, just you and me

But that was when we made plans.



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Oh yes, the plans we’ve made. How many workerd out the way we wanted and how many had to be set aside? Thank you for sharing so sweetly.


I read this again, and again, so sweet and thoughtful, insightful and sorrowful. I know each of us can relate at so many levels! Thank you for sharing your heart!


Megan, Very touching and heart felt. Thank you for sharing.

Lillie Fuller

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart.


Oh my goodness, Megan! I almost cried. All the things you mentioned about being together were so sweet and so personal. I am glad you started blogging! \"but that was when we made plans\" wow! those words tugged at my heart big time.

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