When Were You Happy You Did the Right Thing?

This week, I struggled with doing the right thing. So, on Table Talk today, I shared the five lessons I learned from this week. (You can listen to the show via the player at the bottom of the post.)

My five lessons are:

1. The definition of what's right changes depending on circumstances. For instance, what's right when your caree can be safe at home is very different from what's right when your caree is no longer safe at home. What's right when you have a comfy budget for care differs than when you have a tight budget. What's right when you're feeling well differs from what's right when you have the flu or cold. Allow yourself the flexibility in changing the definition of "what's right."

2. If it's not right for you or to you, speak up. I spoke up which made speaking out easier.

3. Be the messenger—tell whoever will be impacted by your decision about your decision. It's soooo tempting to hide. It's much more comfortable being open about a decision.

4. Weeding through the right action to take takes time. I'm not sure we can ever make a split-second decision about the right thing to do. Sometimes, we have to circle the block, just as Jo did with his parents.

5. I think it can be very hard to do the right thing, particularly if the right thing has a negative impact on another. We ultimately live with ourselves. We must decide for ourselves what the right thing to do is. And, we must take a stand.


As you know, on Saturdays, we commit to finding moments of happiness. This Saturday, I'd like to be a little more specific. I'd love to know: When were you happy you did the right thing?

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