When You Want to Walk, How to Stay

This week, we took a closer look at a situation that's common but sometimes not shared. We asked: When do you wish for the pink slip from caregiving?

Today, on Table Talk, we tackled some of the top reasons you may feel like walking and then offered some suggestions we hope makes it easier to stay. (You can listen to our show via the player at the bottom of the post.)

Reason to walk: I'm tired and overwhelmed.
Suggested solutions so you can stay:
1. Consider short-term respite stays. Your local nursing homes and assisted living facilities will offer short-term stays for your career, some even as short as a weekend. Having a Saturday and Sunday to rest may be just what you need. To find local facilities, visit our directory.
2. Call in the reserves. (See Your Truth and Your Team.) Ask for help so you can take a break, even if for 30 minutes, so you can just be. (Our meditations may help, too.)

Reason to walk: I have no idea how to make it better.
Suggested solutions so you can stay:
1. Let go. Perhaps this is not for you fix; perhaps it's just for you to be in partnership with your caree.
2. Determine what's stumped you. Write it down. Then, write down who can help or who can lead you to help. You can find resources to help with incontinence care here and here.

Reason to walk: I don't feel appreciated/my caree seems ungrateful.
Suggested solutions so you can stay:
1. Vent to your support system. Call a friend, send a note to our online support groups. Share your frustration so you can be free of it.

Reason to walk: My family second guesses me.
Suggested solution so you can stay:

1. Never explain and never complain but listen as objectively as you can. (Remember: This isn't about you.) Then, respond: I understand your position, but given the information and options that I had, this was the best decision.

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