Where Are You Going?


Where Are You Going?

road-595101_640Where are you going? Where have you gone?

I keep asking if I did something wrong.

Where are you going? Where did you go?

I beg you to come back. But I already know.

You're on that long journey. I'll stay by your side

But I know that I'm just along for the ride.

You slip though my fingers. You're mist on the breeze.

Some days you seem better but that's just a tease

You're on that long journey to that better place.

Your reward at the end is to see our Lord's face.

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WHERE ARE YOU GOING \r\n (Second Stanza) \r\nWhere are you going? Why did you leave\r\nMe standing here with my heart on my sleeve?\r\nWhere are you going? Why can’t you stay?\r\nI try to hold on but you’re fading away.\r\nYou vanish before me. You’re smoke in the air.\r\nI’ll wake up one morning and you won’t be there.\r\nYou're on that long journey to be with the best \r\nIn that land of redemption, that sweet land of rest.


When my husband was about to be released from the hospital, my two sons and I were given the names of four rehab facilities and quickly checked them all out. Our list of criteria-1. It shouldn't smell bad, Should have a caring staff, Should have a lot of activities, and an outside sitting area. A few days later I was sitting in that outside sitting area and was inspired to write Thank the Lord for the Outside.\r\n THANK THE LORD FOR THE OUTSIDE\r\nThank the Lord for the outside.\r\nThank the Lord for the trees\r\nThank the Lord for the sound of water falling \r\nAnd the cooling gentle breeze \r\n\r\nThank the Lord for sunshine \r\nBringing warmth and bringing light\r\nThank the Lord for the faith that let's me know \r\nIt's gonna be alright\r\n by Michelle Andrea Bracken


I have recently begun to think of it as a journey. I find it makes it somehow easier to bare. By the way, I loved your balloon painting.


That really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing it!


Beautiful and heartbreaking, Michelle.\r\n\r\nI love this phrase: \"You’re mist on the breeze.\" Wow. Takes my breath away.\r\n\r\nI'm looking forward to more. \r\n\r\nWishing you and yours peace today.