Where's My Jingle Bells?!


Where's My Jingle Bells?!

card-83687_640Jingle bells, HoHoHo and so much more.

Here we are going into our second week of the Christmas season (so I think) and no tree up, no decorations out yet, shoot we haven't even put away Thanksgiving stuff!! Been busy? Uh yeah. I've also been sick, still recovering from the nastiest bout of recurring shingles I have had in quite some time. I KNOW this is due to stress.

Between caregiving responsibilities and finishing this last week of school for the fall semester I'm stretched. I still have let's  see: One online quiz (25 questions), two online exams (50 questions each) due by tomorrow at 6 p.m. Then I have my final accounting test (counts as final exam) on Tuesday. After that I'm basically done until January 12.

Yes, I'm tired and stressed. I've done everything I can to prevent it. Also the stress of the holidays - who's going to visit, who's not going to visit. Let's all please stay well!

Last year Dad and I were both hit with that superbug virus and I think that was the most scared I've been since I began caregiving. I was so afraid I wasn't going to be able to take care of Dad. Plus, we got sick right before Christmas, I mean, right BEFORE Christmas Eve. So we had to postpone everything we had planned to celebrate. We had to wait at least a week I remember to have our holiday meal, had to leave decorations up longer, etc. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. Un-needed worry?

So far I've watched "The Grinch," "Christmas Vacation" and "Elf" to try and get myself in the spirit.. Hoping somethings going to help soon or my main celebration may be here with you guys.

Who has some ideas to help me? I need them!

Hope everyone is having a good time so far this Christmas. We normally love the holidays and I feel I'm holding Dad back. That's the last thing I want.

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John Parks-Coleman

It seems we all agree! Keep it simple, outside stressors are unneeded noise in an already noisy situation. Teresa, you just got my sweet-tooth going, thanks for that ;-) Good thing I have all the ingredients! If I didn't, I'd have to post something so snarky that you'd laugh the cocoa through your nose.


Keep it simple. I'm not able to celebrate or do the things I would love to do this year for the holidays. Instead, I am finding small ways to bring myself and others cheer. Listening to Christmas music on the radio or on a stream online is something you can do to lift your spirits. Send out a holiday greeting via social media or blast email rather than sending out cards. Most of all...GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK! You need to recover from Shingles on top of everything else you do. You are doing well and achieving great success in school despite all challenges in your life. Most people who do not have half of what you experience do not even care as much or succeed like you are. I think that is the best gift of all. Side note: Have a cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream with a peppermint stick! Yum!


I say screw it. I'm with the rest of the gang -- keep it simple. Maybe some music, maybe a centerpiece, maybe a wreath on the door so the \"outsiders\" won't think you're Scrooge. Otherwise, use the time to relax and love yourself. (I'm not putting one thing out for the holidays -- it's my new tradition for this year!)


Hi Lisa, I loved everyone's ideas because I too, am feeling stressed, not with school like you but my work hours increased this semester. I echo the need to just breathe, I forget during the day especially when I am trying the \"catch up\" with my chores and Grandma duties!! Ugh! Shingles, that is the worst and on top of everything! Praying for a good week for you this week!


Good luck with your exams. I understand all too well the pressure that comes with being a caregiver and a student at the same time. (I finally completed my MBA earlier this year.) Kudos to you for juggling so many responsibilities. I think once those exams are out of the way, you'll have a little breathing room. For me, one of the easiest ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to take a quick drive after it gets dark and enjoy the holiday decorations that homeowners have put up. It's a free show! I choose a different neighborhood each time I go. I usually have some reason to be out anyway -- errands, shopping, whatever -- so I just treat myself to a little sightseeing excursion on the way home. It takes all of an extra ten minutes but I get to enjoy all the decorations without the work of having put them up. It's like getting your decorations fix without actually decorating.

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