Who Stands By You When it Hits the Fan? (Literally)


Who Stands By You When it Hits the Fan? (Literally)

fan_symbolHere in Northern California it has been really hot.

Unfortunately some days my mom, Grace, closes her vents if the air is on. She is always cold and wears layers of clothes that we have to peel off her at least four times a day. I try to explain to her that she will have a heat stroke  if she wears multiple  jackets and sweaters but she continues to dress like a Eskimo.

At times we let our dog Rusty in the house on really hot days. Sometimes he has accidents that we quickly pick up with a pooper scooper.One evening last week we smelled an unearthly smell. I thought it was Rusty our pit bull. But it wasn't.

I went upstairs with movie thriller music playing in my head. Really the kids laugh because on some days I do hum suspense  songs from thriller movies before I go in my mom's room. I opened my mom's bedroom door.Unfortunately she had had an accident. I think at some point she had gone int my son's jalapeno spice nacho chips and they were too much for her.

I stood in disbelief; she wasn't in there. She obviously attempted to clean everything herself. I started crying because the smell was sooo bad and then on top of that she wasn't in her room. I didn't know where to begin cleaning. The bed was soiled, the carpet had stains and there was a trail of Kleenex to the bathroom. Footprints down the hall of you know what and all I could say was ,"Sh..t. !" I was beyond frustrated. My husband and son came upstairs. My son said, Poor mom this is a "shi..y situation. He always tries to make me laugh no matter what. He's 20 so I let the cursing slide and it did make me laugh at the moment. At that moment I really appreciated the support of my kids and hubby in the sh...y moments; those are the people who stand by me.

My son came back with a box of garbage bags and gloves. My husband did a superhero change and had on a face mask, industrial gloves and plastic pants. I didn't even see him go downstairs and come back.

I opened the bathroom door and poor Mom looked like one of my daycare kids. I really wanted to wrap her in a sheet and hose her off on the lawn but I think we would have both been arrested. I hate that I have those thoughts but I do.

So after I gave her two baths and we had totally disinfected the hallway, bathroom and bedroom, I appreciated my family more than ever. My husband had Mom's bed and room so clean there was no trace of any odor.

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Oooohhhh... I can imagine the sights and smells. I love how you all just got down to business. I love how you took care of your mom and the family took care of the house. :) What a loving and caring team you all make. Beautiful. !!