Who To Lean On


Who To Lean On

It will be two months tomorrow.

Two. Months.

Everyday I am a wreck. Every morning I'm in tears. I wake up, say the Rosary and cry.

Sometimes it's all I can do to get home from work before the tears kick in.

As noted before in an update, I have no motivation to do anything. The house is a mess. I haven't cleared out her clothes, her things although I have re-organized her room.

Her cat is not adjusting too well either. Poor Callie Kitty has a UTI. Although she's been here over a year she still won't leave Mom's room. The other cats pick on her because of it. I try to spend a little time with her every day. But she's not happy.

I'm not happy.

In a couple of weeks I will be driving out to Maine with Mom's ashes to bury her. I'm dreading it.

How are we supposed to do these things? I lost my husband in 1996 but I had my mom to lean on. I lost my best friend (we'd been inseparable since the age of 4) in 2015 but I had my mom to lean on.

Who do I lean on now?

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Sending prayers for comfort and strength in your grieving process Cat...your Mom, such a big loss!\r\nWe at Caregiving.com are here for you.


Cat, holding you up in prayer and in my heart. I so related to your comments_mysql. My mom has been my rock through the death of my husband, my dad, my accident...she's always been there. Praying you find the strength and comfort that is deep in you and know that your chat family is always here.

Lillie Fuller

I so understand this post Cat. I'm feeling it. It's been 11 months for me and it still feels like 2 months. Or maybe sometimes it feels like 2 years. I'm holding you in my thoughts and prayers.


Cat - your Caregiving.com family is here for you every day. We all support each other... through every stage of the caregiving process. I know the past two months have been incredibly difficult for you. It will get better, and you have us to lean on as you continue healing. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Debbie Moulton

I'm holding you in my thoughts and sending comfort. I lost my Mom about 4 weeks ago (4 weeks on Wednesday) and I'm finding it hard to do anything. I go through the motions each day but my heart isn't quite in it. My mom didn't live with me, though I was at her home everyday and worrying about every detail of her care. It's a big void to fill. Sending strength. xoxo Debbie