Who's Poojam?


Who's Poojam?

lollipop-161512_640My Dad came to the house today for me to call about a medical bill he received. When he came in the door he took off his cap and revealed  a shaved head.

"Oh. my. gosh. What'd you do? That ain't right," I said.

"I was trimming my hair and accidentally slipped and decided to shave my head," he said.

"You look like a redneck Mister Clean."

"That's what he said!" the husband replied.

"I think I look good."


My brother saw the picture and texted me saying, " He looks like a short, fat Punjab or Sloth from The Goonies."

"Who's Poojam?" Dad asked.

"Punjab. And please put your cap back on, Kojak."

"Yeah, Kojak. I need to get me a lollipop."

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Tracey Martin

This brings back a great memory. My grandmother would take us to the beach and on the way home would stop at the liquor store for my grandfather. One day, my grandmother remarked that the man in front of us looked likeTelly Savalas. The cashier said it really was. I think of this moment whenever I see a man with a lollipop.Hair or no hair.


What a delightful exchange with your Dad! I hope you remembered to answer his question after seeing his shaved head! LOL