Why Calling a Family Caregiver May Be the Best Thing You Do Today


Why Calling a Family Caregiver May Be the Best Thing You Do Today

(Editor’s Note: On a regular basis, we do our best to get as much help as possible for family caregivers, those individuals who care for a family member or friend. We hope this article encourages others to get involved. You can help, too, by sharing this article across your social networks.)

hand-281941_640According to 2013 research by Pew Research Center, two of our every five individuals care for a child or adult with serious health needs. And, often, these family caregivers care with minimal support from family and friends.

And, that's where you come in. During a difficult day like a caregiving day, you can be the voice of assurance, comfort and kindness. Even better, your 20-minute phone call just may be the easiest thing you do today. Here's why:

1. To reach a family caregiver, you don't have to catch a train or sit through a traffic jam. You just have to dial your phone to connect and be music to a family caregiver's ear.

2. To be a hero to a family caregiver, you don't have to dash into a phone booth and don a tight-fitting costume. You just have to call and say, "I'm thinking of you. How are you?"

3. For a treat, you don't have to spend $5 on a fancy coffee. You just have to make a free phone call to a family caregiver, who will treat your call like the treat it is.

4. You don't have to smush into a crowded elevator to get to a family caregiver. A family caregiver is ready to make room for your phone call.

5. You don't have to attend a meeting that lasts too long and fills the room with too much hot air. A family caregiver will enjoy a great conversation sprinkled with loud laughs.

6. You don't have to put on high heels that squish or a tie that binds. You just have to listen. That's it, just listen.

7. You don't have to hide your lunch in the back of the refrigerator in the break room so Grabby Gail can't find it. You can simply be you because a family caregiver treasures who you are.

8. You don't have to figure out how to butter up the boss in order to ask to leave on Friday at 5 p.m. A family caregiver doesn't demand, only accepts.

9. You don't have to rush to make a meeting scheduled too close to that last meeting. A family caregiver has perfected the lost art of slowing down. With a family caregiver, you can relax.

10. You don't need to create an agenda, talking points or a Power Point presentation. You just have say, "How is today going for you?" You don't have to fix or resolve or solve. Your purpose is to let a family caregiver vent.

11. You don't have to stress over that impossible project you just took on so you can to earn a promotion. With a family caregiver, you've already make the cut.

You work too much already to add more work. Calling a family caregiver to check in and listen isn't work. It's just about the best thing you can do today. In fact, it may be the one thing you do that matters the most because your phone call matters that much.

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I shared this article on Twitter and received the following tweet from one of my followers:\r\n\r\n\"Excellent reminder! Reaching out to my aunt right now who takes care of her 97 y/o dad & my cousin with CP. \"\r\n\r\nHurray!!