Why Can't I Be Superwoman?


Why Can't I Be Superwoman?

superwomanHello everyone. I am sorry i haven't been able to blog in a long time. Life seems to never slow down. This last year has been nothing but seven hospitals stays for my dad and three for my mom. They have had countless procedures and even more than that medication changes. Thank God we have the computer so I can print a new med list every time.

My dad is not feeling well at all. Right now he is fighting a real bad bronchitis. His body is trying to fight it off so then other things go down hill. So as of Thursday, he now has a bad kidney infection. It is so frightening to get ready to do personal care and you see the cath bag and it is pure blood. You can't even see that it is urine. So I had to take him to ER. Some of you know how much I hate to take dad to the local ER. They have a high mortality rate but when it is an emergency I have no other choose.

They did lab and did a U/A and said. "Oh, yes, you have a kidney infection but we are just going to give you Bactrium and you have to call your doctor in morning." Well, we get home and dad has dementia so it is hard for him to express himself. He said that he itched so I had to figure where. So I take his shirt off and he is covered in hives on his back. So I tell him he has to go back to ER for allergic reaction. He refuses to go. So I know what to do at home for it. I gave him a Benadyl and oxygen and he was already on a steroid for the bronchitis. I don't know what to do when he refuses.

On Friday I spent the whole day trying to get somewhere with his doctor's nurse. She is new to the office and has a bad attitude. She was actually telling me to find a doctor here in the small town I live in. I told her that I like dad's doctor and that I would be sure to tell him that she said that Dad should leave him.  She wasn't happy. I finally got her to say that I needed to go back to ER here and get a different antibiotic for dad.

Why is there so much red tape in medicine? Why can't people just listen to us. We are with our carees every day and we know them best and what works.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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What Trish said. Good for you for calling the nurse on her BS. I hope the situation improves for your dad and that you can get a break. (((Hugs)))