Why Can't It Always Be That Way?


Why Can't It Always Be That Way?

Last night was the annual neighborhood welcome summer party. People currently in our 'Hood, formerly in our 'Hood and those wanting to be in our 'Hood all attend. It's a lot of people, some of whom I only see once a year at this gathering. We all bring food. Adult beverages abound along with non-alcoholic choices.

I was very surprised when Mom indicated that she wanted to go. I had let her know about it on Friday and asked if she wanted to go. She nodded vigorously. I kept asking because you never know. Always a "yes". So we went.

I figured she would only want to stay an hour. In better years I couldn't drag her to these things. We ended up staying over three hours! She simply did not want to go home.

Oh sure there were spills, scooping out pie with her hands, putting that fluffy ambrosia stuff IN her wine and drinking it (trust me, THAT was a mess). But overall it wasn't bad at all. And no, I didn't get to chat with my friends and catch up with some others the way I would have liked but most took the time to speak to her and welcome her.

All in all it was a good evening. The day up to that hadn't been, lots of pouting in her room because I like to listen to NPR on Saturday mornings and really there is NOTHING on television... she wants the TV on all the time. On one network: CBS. Okay, yes! I used to work for a CBS affiliate but there are other networks, other shows besides all thing NCIS.

So the evening was a surprise. A nice one for a change.


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Cat...What a great night. Those are the ones we treasure. Sounds like you have a great \"hood\" tradition.


Awesome! Sounds like a fun night out for you both. Why cant it always be that way? I dont know...just glad you had one to treasure. A gift of sorts, to remind you its possible.