Why NCC18 Matters


Why NCC18 Matters

I'm pictured with Michelle, who cares for her husband, at last year's conference. Michelle flew in from California to volunteer to help us. Photo credit: Lillie Fuller.

Just about four years ago I wrote a blog post called “Caring for an Elderly Parent Will Kill You Faster Than Anything”. It's become the most-visited blog post on Caregiving.com and the post with the most comments. 

Just yesterday, a visitor commented, “I cared for my husband for 7 years 24/7. After he passed my parents needed care. I took care of them.” Caregiving has become a second job for many. Because of the constant demands and the pressure of managing another’s care, the stress can be overwhelming.

I believe family caregiver stress is the overlooked epidemic in our communities. I began surveying family caregivers about their stress in 2015; 860 family caregivers rate their stress at 4.14 on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most stressed). The source of their stress? They miss their life.

Enter our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference. After last year’s conference, a virtual attendee wrote me, “Listening to these (presenters) and what they accomplish during their caregiving experience is so inspiring.” Through our conference, we want to bring life back to family caregivers. We talk about how we keep a life during a life of caregiving. It’s not easy. We feel, though, it’s necessary.

We’d love for you to join us! If you’re an employer, make it possible for your employees to attend. If your sibling cares for your parents, give her the gift of the conference. If you care for a family member, join us — in Chicago or virtually.

Our conference is more than just the November days we spend together. It’s about the movement we create which builds beyond and into our future. It’s about life.

Join us.

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