With A Little Help From Our Friends


With A Little Help From Our Friends

English: Cranes in flight...they were flocking... English: Cranes in flight...they were flocking with Canada Geese on a walk along the shoreline of the South Saskatchewan River just to the south of Saskatoon on an early autumn day. These cranes were on the middle of the river on a sand bar. Grus canadensis This image left uncropped, but more detail on opening image. :Compare this image to Dan F McIntosh photos Cranes Sandhill Cranes, sandhill crane saskatchewan by Rick Carlson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"Yesterday was a tough day because I just let things go. I was much happier today that I got some important things done. Our in-baskets are always going to be full, so as author Rick Carlson says, 'Don’t sweat the small stuff.' I’m working on trying to have more balance in my life as well as spaciousness to allow my awareness to grow toward greater illumination, learning, growth, empathy, compassion, and well-being– A life long journey." ~ @rainbow

It seems a common theme to feel happy to have contributed something of help to each other as caregivers in this journey we are on, how to allow that feeling of happiness and take care of ourselves and let the inbox get full once in a while.  Now I'm a great example here :) because my machine crashed and one of the first things I said to my computer technician was, "Okay, how can I work on my blogs?" and here I am on my Dad's machine! Working away in 100 + degree heat! Hah! Practice what we preach.

Today for me was tough and rewarding as well because I'm fighting the medical system not only for my parents but for myself.  Started out with a county psychiatrist telling me I need to get my hearing tested because I couldn't hear her. I take anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants and they don't like people who "know stuff." Hence I can't hear ( hah). And my parents need a home health care worker who will work and have the integrity to go home when she is not doing anything. Yikes, right now my mom is having a dementia moment (she is safe), closing all the doors, and I'm having trouble not going to her right now...

Huh, this started out as a well thought out blog and now it's a full-fledged vent!

Day kept going when I ran up to get my meds in the heat and ran back to have my counseling session. What am I saying? I guess I got frustrated with the medical system hindering my coffee time and hence my time to care for my parents.

So, blessings to you as well my new-found friends. I struggle with balance and spaciousness in my life and I couldn't have found better words than you did to express my feelings for today. Today is the day to take each moment as it comes or try and be easy on ourselves so we can continue giving.



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Seems that you were able to flow through the day with a good deal of ease of being, il. Good for you. Your quotes are giving mea big head :) Blessings to you and your family, Bob aka rainbow