With Caregiving, It's Not Location But Impact


With Caregiving, It's Not Location But Impact

drop-of-water-597109_640Family caregivers will often ask me this question:

"I don't live with my caree. Can I still join Caregiving.com?"

To which I always answer, "Yes!! I don't live with my parents and need as much support as I can get. Please join us!"

Caregiving isn't a location-based experience. It's not about where you or your caree live.

It's all about the impact.

You can impacted by a caregiving experience when you live in California and your caree lives in New York. You can be impacted by a caregiving experience when your parent cares for another parent.

When you're impacted by a caregiving experience, you need support. I hope you'll join us here to receive and give comfort.

One other thought about impact. We can sometimes get stuck in the idea of who can offer us support. We may think, "I need to find someone exactly like my situation. The relationship with their caree must be like mine, the caree must have the diagnosis. I need someone whose situation exactly mirrors mine."

Certainly, we want to connect with others who can really understand the reality of our days.

Rather than staying cemented to finding another in exactly the same situation, be open to finding another who's impacted in a similar way you are. I saw this recently play out in our chatroom. A member wanted to find a spouse who cares for her husband with the same diagnosis. Interestingly enough, she connected with another in the chatroom who cares for a spouse with a different diagnosis but who felt the same impact. They both loved to travel. Caregiving changed their ability to travel. They felt the same impact and shared with each other how that feels. They connected over what they lost. That's the impact.

You need support when caregiving impacts you. And, look for support from others who understand how that impact affects you.

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Elizabeth Miller

As I am transitioning from being the primary caregiver for my mom to an out-of-state caregiver, I 'm working through this. Caregiving still impacts me everyday. I often wonder how my sister is getting along and coping. While my physical caregiving demands have changed, my mental caregiving impact is still there 100%. I don't think I was expecting that.


Thank you so much, Denise! As a long-distance caregiver, it's good to hear these words of acknowledgement!