Woof-woof, "Leave It"


Woof-woof, "Leave It"

My sister is in the process of obedience-training an ambitious 6-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy. She is focusing now on the command, "Leave It". If I could only get my mother, with dementia, to do that.  "NO!" in a shrill voice of alarm doesn't work, so I'm seeking new options to solve these dilemmas:.

Stubborn and persnickety to her core, we fight a daily battle with the wee-weed dirty laundry in the washing machine, waiting for attention. She insists on taking it back out, folding it and putting it away.

The platter drooling with raw chicken juice, "teaming with vicious bacteria", that she insists on drying with a tea towel.

The minutia and dross on the sidewalk when we walk around the block; like the dog sniffing at every stump and the toddler fascinated by every  cigarette butt.

The rubber-backed bath rug sodden with urine, that she drags around the house while it sags and drips like a piece of New York style pizza dripping olive oil.

The big-button emergency box for her Life Alert system; she just has to "adjust it" every time she walks by.

The doorknob to my bedroom where my daughter and her newborn have mercifully just fallen asleep.

The over-sized toaster oven she needs to constantly lift and reposition on the kitchen counter.

The bandages meticulously placed on her shin by the emergency room physician after she brushed against a campfire log. (He went to med school to learn how to do this, and you will be paying him for his expertise!)

How can I find success? Where am I going wrong?

Why, silly me. I see the missing piece to this equation. My pockets aren't filled with cheese bits and biscuit treats. How could I be so dumb?


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I totally agree with <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/worriedwife/' rel=\"nofollow\">@worriedwife</a>!! I'm also so in awe of your ability to track the details of your day. It's just awesome. \r\n\r\nSo grateful you share your day here with us.


Your post made me smile. If I could afford lobster ever day, I'd soon train my immuno-suppressed husband to do all the things I wish he'd do -- always drink a fresh glass of water, not the half full one (aka. petri dish) that's been sitting on the nightstand for 24 hours. Never touch your mouth, eyes, or nose after touching something \"public\" like a door knob. And so on. Drives you crazy, doesn't it!


Oh My, Jan, yes you do need some kind of command to snap Mom out of those behaviors. I have been watching Cesar Milan and I can just see you trying out his methods to interrupt your mom's brain! I wonder if aromatherapy would have any help in calming the behavior. I am intrigued by the behaviors but my Elly doesn't have any kind of advanced dementia for me to try any ideas out on her, hee, hee! I applaud your sensitivity to the situation and understand the frustration as well as the stress it must cause you. Thank you for writing again and sharing!