Oh, they give you their word.

They will stop by to help.

They will send money to cover expenses.

They will be more involved.

You hear these words, said with such conviction, which means they sound as if written in stone. What a relief, you think, I have help. I have their word.

And then you realize it's all you have--these words which soon crumble into your discouragement. And then you have silence because no words can help you understand how they can simply skip out on their word.

It's so difficult when others don't keep their word. You're left skiddish to trust again because you feel so betrayed. Because what else could you do but take them at their word?

But don't let their empty words stop you from finding someone you can trust and from getting the help you can count on. Move around those who can't respect words and keep using your words to get what you need. As they stay empty, you will slowly and surely become full.

You'll be full of comfort and support because you deserve it. And, then you'll be so glad you have just the words to express your gratitude. You have my word.

Thank you for all you do.


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