The Workplace Holds the Solution for Caregiving Employees


The Workplace Holds the Solution for Caregiving Employees

We often talk about the challenge faced by individuals who care for a family member while also working.

The stats bear out that truth. The Caring Company Report from Harvard Business School, released last year, found that more than 80% of employees with caregiving responsibilities admitted that caregiving affected their productivity.

What if those very same caregiving employees became the solution employers need?

I'm thrilled to share our workplace solution, Caregiving Support Program for the Workplace, does just that -- train employees to manage, implement and deliver solutions that support each other.

Our Caregiving Support Program for the Workplace taps into an employer's talent to create an on-site solution that supports employees who care for family member. The program also pays for itself over time.

The Caregiving Support Program for the Workplace creates two new internal positions: The Caregiving Support Program Director and Specialist. Employees with personal caregiving experiences are the perfect candidates for these positions.

These employees manage the program, offering the services and becoming the go-to experts for employees in a caregiving experience. Because of their personal experiences, they understand what it's like. They also are already familiar with community resources and the company's benefit program which means they can effectively refer employees to solutions which can help.  CSPW can be a program managed by these employees on a part-time basis initially and then expanded into a full-time program.

Because employees run the program, the business get experts in your company culture, in the caregiving experience and in the availability of community resources. Most important, employees see and experience the program -- keys to successful utilization. Employees benefit from on-site support, planning consultations and access to experts which can make appropriate referrals to community resources.

I believe this program works best when integrated in a department separate from Human Resources. According to our research, employees avoid reaching out to the Human Resources for help and support during a personal caregiving experience. Consider launching the program within the department with a high utilization of the Family Medical Leave Act, which means the department is in need of support. The CSPW then immediately supports the greatest need.

The program also generates revenue with the potential to pay for it the company's program investment within the first year. Learn more about the Caregiving Support Program for the Workplace. (Note: This program is recommended for employers with 2,000 or more employees. If your company employs less than 2,000, consider offer our Caregiving Support Benefit, a voluntary benefit that connects your employees to support and resources.)

Are you an employee looking for a career change who would like to bring our solution to your workplace? Please feel free to reach out to me; I'd be happy to help you present a proposal for our CSPW.

Are you an employer interested? I'd love to talk!

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