Worry May be Wasteful but It's All I've Got


Worry May be Wasteful but It's All I've Got

Went to the doctor today, follow up for the Wednesday fall with the addition of yesterday's fall.

Doc agreed with neurologist that a walker would be good for Mom. So over lunch (since OF COURSE the place closes at 5:00) pick one up tomorrow and tomorrow night at physical therapy we'll see if we can make it work. Also ordered a handicapped placard for the car so she won't have to walk too far. Oddly enough no push back from Mom.

I think the falls scared the crap outta her (literally but that's another story and you really don't want to hear it).

So the main worry part is that I still do not have anyone to sit with her most afternoons. Okay, ANY afternoon. No friends available (don't get me started on that bit of BS). The agency isn't finding anyone either. They had a second caregiver shadow our regular one today (so we have a back-up person) and she will come back on her own on Wednesday but tomorrow afternoon not so much. So it will be up to prayer that she doesn't fall or have a bathroom accident. As you might imagine, I am worried sick.

Ordered a bed rail and toilet rails that should be here tomorrow. Hopefully that will take care of some of the worry. And help her get up. Also ordered bed pad because for the love of God washing all the bedding every day is NOT a good thing. I have two mattress covers but how long will those last if I have to wash them all the time?

Gave Mom a bell to ring last night if she woke up and needed to get up. Nope. Didn't ring it.

In an effort to get certain ducks in a row for the future I contacted a care facility in town that is rated well and I have heard good things about. Sent an email to their admissions person. On Friday. Today is Monday. Haven't heard "boo". Not even a "thanks, give me a few days and I'll pop something in the mail". Doesn't do anything to instill confidence. So more worry. And still waiting to hear from the new place down the road and worried 'cuz with all the $ we're spending on caregiver support it's going to be direct to Medicaid bed.

So now what? Seems all there is right now is worry because there don't seem to be any solutions.




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I'm thinking of you and hoping you find the solutions you need. Hoping your mom stays safe.