Wow, This Just Snuck Up on Me


Wow, This Just Snuck Up on Me

Nobody does it better (Carly Simon) 5 a.m. ---

My mind fell into an empty void, I couldn’t think and just could hardly breathe as I sobbed. Oh god oh god oh god – was all I could cry as I sunk down to my knees. I could not stay, the moment was too intense. It was like an earthquake with intense aftershocks. I eventually just dried up. No emotion that strong can keep coming and still live.

The song transitioned into the Montana Suite, which we heard together years ago. It was like Elsie was touching my soul with her healing touch.

Then I remembered an AA lady told me back in the 70’s while I was grieving over a divorce that “No one dies of a broken heart, time will mend it.” This thought  that I pulled up out of a distant memory saved me.

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No one dies of a broken heart, but sometimes it sure feels like you will. Hugs and prayers.


Bless you, Don. May you find strength and peace.