road-sign-940630_640Somehow, your life took a wrong turn.

The course changed, without your permission, taking you up a rocky, steep, icy path.

It all feels so wrong. But you can't turn around.

You have to keep going. So, how do you right the wrong course?

All roads are marked so look for signs which offer information and directions.

All roads have rest stops so take breaks to get your bearings, to nourish your heart and soul, to take a breather.

All roads have fellow travelers so look to gain (and give) support to those who follow this same journey.

All roads have suggestions on interesting stops along the way so be open to new adventures.

All roads have signs to alert you of vistas worth your view so be sure to stop and take stock of how far you've come.

All roads have speed limits so make sure you pace yourself to avoid fatigue.

You may find yourself on a different road but know you can find what you need along the way.

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If the road ahead of you is paved, it means others have been there before you - you are not alone! Don't look back, just keep going...take a break at a rest stop when you need, and then start down the road again!


All roads have bumps and potholes, but once you pass them there is still smooth road