Yesterday Was Rough; Today Feels Better


Yesterday Was Rough; Today Feels Better

primrose-1239793_640Yesterday was a ROUGH day.

I was finally feeling strong enough to go to the grocery store and refill our cupboards and Mom asked for a new pillow. She has been getting horrendous knots in her neck and shoulders and we think it is from her pillow.

So I purchased two different pillows because I didn't know which she would prefer. I brought them home and she thought they both were too fluffy. I encouraged her to give them a shot -- try taking a nap on one and see how it goes. She had one of her severe coughing fits and exhausted herself. She laid down for a nap and an hour or so later she cried out for me. The pillow was horrible and caused the worst headache ever! Her neck and shoulders were spasming so badly. She was near a panic attack.

I changed her pillow back to her old one, I gave her headache medicine, I massaged her neck, head, and shoulders, I applied muscle rub, I fed her, and I even massaged her feet, all to no avail. She was in AGONY! I was kicking myself for pushing her to try to sleep on it against her better judgement. Poor thing. She suffered all the rest of the day and all night long. I was able to get a bit of sleep and so was she.

This morning I gave her her IV. I was nervous about it because she was so severely dehydrated, her veins were pitiful to say the least. The Lord guided the needle into her vein because I was not in the vein, no matter how I tried! So we got her fluids in her and I got her fed. I massaged her for about 1/2 an hour and things started to ease.

I got her relaxed and wanting to take a nap so I decided now would be a good time for me to exercise. I haven't been able to keep up due to the pneumonia but I wanted to try to get back into it today. I decided that I would exercise outside -- something I haven't done in about a year! So I brought my phone out to the backyard along with my water and my computer with my walking DVD all cued up. It is a beautiful morning, the sun shining, and a slight breeze. The garden is blooming like crazy so there is a slight flowery scent on the breeze.  I got to watch the chipmunks attack the bird feeders, mourning doves, finches, goldfinches, hummingbirds, house sparrows, ducks (flying overhead), and I even saw a turkey vulture! The bees were content to grab the nectar from the bird of paradise and the Mexican Evening Primrose and I watched the little thief chipmunks stealing peaches from the peach tree! There was so much to see and enjoy while getting my 3 miles in!  It was like a mini vacation! I felt the stress melting away. It was wonderful!

Now I am about to tackle cleaning the bathrooms. :D The vacation is over. LOL!

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Glad to hear you are feeling better & able to go to the store and outside for some exercise.\r\nYour \"enchanted\" garden sounds delightful!


I love how you took advantage of the moments this morning to do for yourself. I was relaxed just reading about it. :)\r\n\r\nWishing you moments like those every day.


Your garden sounds like a paradise. So glad you're feeling better!