You Are Our Cause


You Are Our Cause

spanish-moss-58463_640Several weeks ago, I attended a meeting with professionals who either provide a service or make a product to help family caregivers. During our discussion on how best to help you, an attendee said:

I would love to see the 65 million family caregivers organize a movement like the moms do.

(Moms have an amazing ability to use their personal blogs and social media sites to boycott products they are against, campaign against advertising they find offensive and create awareness for issues they are for.)

I've been thinking about this. With so many of you, why haven't you banded together to demand better services and products?

During my talk show with Holly a few weeks ago, the reason occurred to me.

You already have a cause: Surviving.

You're already leading the cause to get the best possible care for your caree. Every day, you focus on giving care, ensuring care and overseeing care. You fight those who get in your way, you stand up for what you believe is best.

Because you focus so much on your caree's health, you also take on the cause of preventing and curing your caree's disease. For instance, @G-J shares information about Alzheimer's disease on her Facebook page and walks to raise money. @jbones1961 and @trish share information about pulmonary hypertension and epilepsy to educate and to raise awareness whenever and however they can.

And, you're already doing your best to protect your own survival. You're managing, coping and keeping up. You're trying to sleep when you can, use help as often as possible and take breathers as they come. You're scraping together money to pay the bills, counting the pills so you re-order on time, folding the laundry before the next five loads need to be folded and preparing special meals.

Survival--your care's and yours--are already the cause. And, it's mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting.

How can you take on one more cause when your current cause (surviving) is most pressing? What greater priority can you have than protecting two lives? What greater cause could you possibly have than the one you already have?

I think the cause of improving the lives of family caregivers happens after caregiving ends, when you've had time to find your perspective and better understand the depth and breadth of your caregiving experience. When you are a Godspeed Caregiver, you embrace the cause of helping family caregivers by sharing your wisdom and lessons learned.

For those of us committed to helping and supporting you during your caregiving experience, I think it's important that we also get on board with you to serve your cause. Because you don't need to band together. You need us to be your choir to sing your praise, your voice to speak up for you and your legs to run the distance to get you what you need.

I'd love to see organizations committed to helping family caregivers really band together to do just that--help family caregivers.

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RoaringMouse 2.0

Denise, \r\n\r\nDoes have a listing of all Caregivers who have blogs, vlogs, websites, FB, etc. accounts that people can turn to for resources? I'd love to add it to what I do. \r\n\r\nRoaringMouse