You Know You're a Caregiver When...


You Know You're a Caregiver When...

feet-330882_640Guess I've hit a milepost. Maybe everyone has the realization eventually. Mine came today.

I was in the basement alone, enjoying my new glass block windows and trying to open one. Reaching up and then slipping off the footstool, I found myself careening backward, long enough in time to say, I think, "Oh My Goodness" three times (yes, I actually did say those words), and landed on my head on the concrete floor. My first thought was, "Who will take care of my mother if I'm paralyzed?" And the next thought was, "How long will I lay here before someone discovers me?"

I can still talk, I realized, since I was talking all the way down. And obviously I can still write, move my limbs, and get back upstairs to the computer. I never felt sick or blacked out, but I immediately got a bump on the back of my head the size of an egg. My mother was not the slightest bit curious as to why I had a big blue ice pack and blue washcloth on my head. I didn't bother to try to explain. She would probably just tell me about the Pope visiting in the front yard.

God be merciful to me, a sinner. I am so careful with my mother, and slow and deliberate with everything we do together that it is almost like standing still or going back in time. And here I am by myself, flying through space.

I'm thankful. And being cautious. My husband is home now, and he'll catch me if I fall.

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I'm glad you're okay, Jan. I would miss your writing if you couldn't write anymore! I know that feeling too.


I hear ya, except I've have no one to catch my fall(s). You're blessed, dear Jan...keep remembering that fact. :)


Thanks, Rosie, for your concern. I think our entire lives teeter toward a bad sitcom but it would still be funnier than what's on tv now anyway. Have you thought about making up some kind of sign for your window, like they make for houses that have pets inside, in case there is a fire? Just post it in the window nearest your front door, however you're most comfortable describing yourself. Like for me: \"Dementia patient and 4 cats live here ( and two achy 60-year olds)\" or whatever. Good luck!


Oh my, I hope you're ok. I have often daydreamed that I fell and passed out. Then my husband who cannot be understood somehow called 911. When they arrive they see him and whisk him away to the er. Meanwhile I'm left on the floor somewhere else in the house. \r\nI usually see this as a very bad sitcom so it's not distressing but I have thought about what can be done since we live alone.


Thanks, Pamela, for reading my post and for your support. With a website name like yours, who could possibly resist checking it out? I know I can't. Looking forward to your company on the trip. Jan