You're Compliant with Your Caree's Care Plan. Your Caree? Not So Much.


You're Compliant with Your Caree's Care Plan. Your Caree? Not So Much.

15-30-16-9_640A few weeks ago during one of our daily chats, we wondered why a caree might be non-compliant. It's such a good question that I promised to ask all of you for insights and suggestions.

Why does a caree sometimes makes choices which makes a bad situation even worse?

It can be frustrating when a treatment plan which can keep a caree as healthy as possible stays just that--a plan. It doesn't become part of the day, it's not integrated into the routine.

What's worse--you're doing your best to follow your caree's treatment plan while your caree seems to be what's in the way. You're doing what you can to keep your caree well and it seems that your caree's choices create relapses and set backs.

It's confounding, this non-compliant caree.

So, tell us: How do you manage when your caree won't take better care of him or herself? Have you had any luck convincing your caree to follow the treatment plan? What worked, what didn't?

Share your experiences in our comments section, below.

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Well, wrote a paragraph and then I hit the wrong button, gone. In summary, I agree with all of the above. I have not found anything that will make my Mom compliant :-)


Can we all have an \"amen\" in agreement? My biggest frustration sometimes is the non-compliance that Dad has for what I'm trying to do for him. I've done the same as you all - backed off and that has helped his attitude. The one part of this I can't get past is with incontinence issues. Now he doesn't even tell me when he needs to go. He just goes! While it might be an accident or upset in the making, if I'm there to start with it wouldn't be as bad as sitting halfway through a ball game and me finding out then. I've tried to explain all the reasons, they don't seem to matter. Let's just say I bite my tongue. A lot.


You are all right. It is a control issue, but what a shame the only way they feel they can be in control is to defy medical advise. Have heard \"It's my body, I know best\" til I want to scream. But again, yes, it is his choice, no matter how much it distresses those around him.


nods in agreement with the control factor you both mentioned. Out of discretion, erasing the rest of my comment...was making me angry as I typed it anyway (and as that one infamous quote goes \"ain't nobody got time for that\").


You know I use to care about my husband following a plan of care. After arguing , trying to explain the benefits of compliance, asking nicely, it all boiled down to him micromanaging his care. For him it was all about control. Since he had lost so much control in his life, he would play this power game even through it was hurting him. I turned the responsibility of his care back to him. If he wanted to be non compliant, so be it, he's 68 yrs old & I'm not his mother. He could lie to the doctor about being compliant, staying off his feet to try to let his feet improve but the doctor could see right thru that & I didn't even go to these appt's b/c he needed to answer for his behavior. I took the fight out so he could't start controlling me.