Youth Nation

I know my story can get pretty depressing so I will share some of the blessings and miracles we received along the way. Christmas is a season of miracles, and we received our share of small miracles to help us through this very difficult time. We didn't receive anything big enough to pull us out of this mess, but these little miracles sure made life bearable and we ended up having the BEST Christmas ever even in the midst of the worst time of our lives.

Earlier in the fall the youth group, Mosaic Student Ministries from the Woodland Park Church of the Nazarene adopted us and our store for one of their service projects. They came in on a Saturday and helped us setup, organize and decorate the store. We had no money to repay them, but what we did have was a relationship with our local christian radio station (KBIQ). KBIQ has a program “Youth Nation Friday Nights” run by our favorite DJ, Maui. Maui brings a youth group in to run the show each Friday evening. We asked our rep at KBIQ to see about getting the youth group into Youth Nation Friday Nights. When Maui called Pastor Ben (the youth pastor) to make arrangements they decided to invite us to come along. They almost didn't invite us because they knew how much trouble Debi was having and how hard this would be on her, but decided to invite us and let us decide. Of course my wife said “she wouldn't miss this even if it kills her.”

At the radio station, they set up the lobby for the kids to talk and eat pizza while they aren't “on the air”. Debi mainly stayed parked in her wheelchair in the lobby where she got to visit with the kids in between dozing off and spending time praying for the kids. We brought her back to the studio during the beginning of the program so that she could announce herself on the radio as well as later when we got ready to sign off. Kodee (one of the adults from the youth group) and several of the kids kept an eye on Debi so that I could be with the others in the studio. They would come and let me know if she started to have a seizure or other metabolic episode.

I haven't described the medical trouble she was having at this time, so let me just assure you. At this time, she was basically bed-ridden and we were literally expecting her to “go” any day (and praying she would at least make it through Christmas). In the midst of this, she had an evening where she was able to be a “part of the group” which she hasn't been able to be for several (probably at least ten) years.

Never in a million years would I have even imagined that this was possible. Here is a woman who is so sick that she can't even make it through dinner. But for one evening she not only got a chance to interact with a group of people she also got to be on the radio! She had a wonderful time, the kids had a blast, and I got a much needed evening of respite.

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