Yup, You ARE on Camera Sweetie - Deal With It


Yup, You ARE on Camera Sweetie - Deal With It

If you've been following along, you'll recall that there have been some issues lately with our primary caregiver. Nice girl. Mom likes her but lately she hasn't been up to par. And I've been reporting my concerns to the supervisor.

Well.... I had to call the supervisor on Thursday because when I looked it towards the end of the shift I saw some things that were concerning -- (1) front door wide open. The door directly across from Mom's chair. Oh sure the screen door was closed but HELLO!! cold air still comes in. Annnd, (2) Mom's sitting there in a silky short sleeved PJ top. Checked the thermostat app on the phone... it is 55 degrees in the house. Then (3) the bed pad wasn't washed, dried and folded atop the chair with the rest of the linens.

So on Friday the supervisor "pops" by to check things out which is a good thing. Caregiver claims that several of the things I found these last few weeks when I got home "weren't there when she left"; that Mom refused to put on the sweatshirt I left out for her to wear; that her face and hands "must have" gotten caked with food "after she left" but oh yeah doing the laundry that was her fault and she's try to do better on that front.

I'm not buying it.

Mom can be uncooperative BUT when you approach it in a matter-of-fact way she's fine with things like clothes and time to eat. Time to go to bed is a WHOLE other battle and another story for another day (stay tuned). And I'm sorry but not amount of M&Ms or chips is going to created that much build up on her hands, face or under her nails in a few short hours. Nope.

The kicker? Apparently the supervisor reminded her that I have a camera in the living room. So the note I got on Friday was snarky. Again that Mom refused to wear the warmer clothes and that I could "check the camera".

Oh sweetie, you have NO idea with whom you are dealing.

I get that you're having concerns about your mother's health and your aunt's and that you have kids and that you're also going to school. Having worked full time while putting myself through grad school - I do understand that kind of stress, I do. But you also committed to doing a job. To take care of my mother, in my home. That means I am paying you (your agency) $20.50 an hour for you to look after her, do a little laundry, wash the breakfast and lunch dishes (which you have YET to do), and sweep the floors. That's all I'm asking. Heck you can even do your homework while you're here - although I'm not sure your employer would approve - so long as you keep most of your attention on my mother.

So right now we're going to keep doing what we're doing and I'm going to keep checking the cameras, now more often. So smile sweetie.... you're on camera.

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It is ridiculous that you even have to have a camera to make sure she is doing her job. I know the camera is for other purposes, but just sad that is one of the reasons you need it for. Sounds like she is int he wrong profession. I hope the supervisor steps it up for her or makes a change for you.