Provider Network Details


Provider Network Details

Our CCC Provider Network has formed our Caregiving Support Benefit.

Here's how our Support Benefit works:

  • Family caregivers enroll.

    • After enrolling, family caregivers will be directed to the Caregiving Benefits Detail page. If you are a Certified Caregiving Consultant, you can view this page, too. Again, if you are certified, you'll be able to see the Benefits Details page.)

  • After enrolling, they select a CCC and schedule a 30-minute consultation.

  • During that 30-minute consultation, you will:

    • get to know the family caregiver

    • schedule the family caregiver into a monthly workshop. Feel free to offer as many options as you'd like, including evening and weekend meetings. You'll also want to share a calendar link for those family caregivers to schedule their future workshops. You can use Calendly or Acuity for group scheduling.

    • schedule a workshop for that family caregiver in the month they enroll, if at all possible. If they enroll in early December, you'll want to do what you can do enroll them into a workshop in December. You'll want your clients to feel the benefit of enrollment as soon as possible.

    • provide a great experience so that the family caregiver will join your monthly workshop. You building a relationship with your client as soon as they choose you -- you want that relationship to be empowering and lasting for your client.

    • make sure the family caregiver completed their pre-meeting eval:

  • Share how your clients can receive more support form you, including:

    • 20% off one-on-one consultations with Certified Caregiving Consultants.

    • an annual consult with a CCC to complete a Family Emergency Plan, which helps the working family caregiver put a plan in place to manage the potential crisis. (Training for this will be available after 12/15 -- you can begin offering this in January.) You determine the pricing for this one-hour consultant. Whatever your pricing, you want to offer a 20% for the Support Benefit members.

  • Create a system for regular reminders of upcoming workshops. Both Calendly and Acuity offer automated reminders. Reminders are critical for your attendance.

  • Cap your attendance per workshop at 5.

Here's what we need from you:

  • An easy way for your family caregivers to join you virtually or in person. For instance, get your Zoom account now. If you want to offer in-person workshops because you will target family caregivers in your area, be sure you have a comfy, accessible space.

  • Please track your activity with your members via our CSB spreadsheet:

    • Add your name when a CBS member selects you

    • Add dates when your consult is completed and the member attends workshops

  • Please email Denise an invoice as soon as you complete a workshop

    • You receive $15 per attendee per monthly workshop

    • Include your clients' names and the date of the completed workshop

    • Include payment details:

      • Your PayPal email address or

      • Your mailing address

      • (We'll be adding another way for you to receive payment in late December.)

  • Collect data:

Earn commission

  • Earn a 20% commission when a family caregiver signs up through your affiliate link. Watch our March 2019 CCC Alumni meeting for an overview of our affiliate program. Watch our March meeting. Password is ccc.


Feel free to use our marketing material to promote our benefit:


PDF files:

Want to join our Provider Network?

Complete the following paperwork and return to Deeann at

Want more?

  • Our Facilitator training empowers you to manage challenging behaviors which may enter your workshop. Enroll with coupon code benefit (it's just benefit) to save 30%.

  • Want help from Denise understanding how this fits with your business plan and model? Schedule a 30-minute coaching call for $60 with Denise. (Note: Please first select your time zone and then you can select your day/time for our coaching call.)