Caregiving spills into all areas of your life. It seems that it’s about taking care of a family member, but then it becomes about a health care system that often doesn’t help, about other family members who can’t cope, about friends that disappear, about emotions you never thought you’d feel.

And, then, it becomes about money.

We take a closer look at when caregiving causes a catastrophic financial crunch. We share the stories of two family caregivers as well as mine (my caregiving work pushed me near financial ruin) as well as some resources that can help.

We hope the stories and resources show you that you are not alone. We hope these help.

Index of Articles

Caring for Two Most Important Women In His Life

Surviving to Find a New Life

The Choices Sometimes Mean a Financial Hardship

How I Survived My Dark Days

Resources to Help Your Care Recipient

Resources to Help You


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