Sharing Resources to Help Others Who Care


Sharing Resources to Help Others Who Care

We've created resources which we hope you will share to help others who care for a family member.

Caregiving Resources

Share this one-page flyer with the staff at the doctor's office, hospital and treatment centers. For instance, you may say as you hand the flyer to a nurse or doctor, "I know I'm not the only one who cares for a family member. I felt so alone, though, for a long time. I hope you'll share this resource with the other families of your patients. You'll be doing so much for them when you give this flyer to them." Denise share ideas for you in the video at the bottom of the post.

We've picked out a few resources to help so that anyone receiving this flyer will not be overwhelmed. Connecting with these resources will lead to more resources and support.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Download the Caregiving Resources flyer in color and in black & white for easier printing:

Caregiving Resource Directory

Our Caregiving Resource Directory helps you find what you need. Our booklet of resources is great to share with your support groups members, co-workers and friends.

Download our Caregiving Resource Guide.

Please tell us about your experiences as you share these resources in our comments section, below.