Caregiving Support Group Resources


Caregiving Support Group Resources

Would you like to support family caregivers in your community or house of worship? Already facilitate a caregiving support group and looking for more?

We've got resources to help you make your support meetings effective and meaningful, including a 12-month curriculum and material you can use.

Resources to Start a Support Group

Want to become an effective leader of caregiving conversations? Consider our Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ training.

Resources for Monthly Support Group Meetings
You've started your group. How do you create a group that offers helpful material and ensures members engage in caring conversations?

Denise,'s founder, leads free webinars which support groups have long used. Now, we're making it even easier to use our material at no cost to you. Our 12-month curriculum and material ensure your meetings have a purpose and conversations that matter. When you sign up, below, you'll receive a monthly email with a link to a webinar and a facilitator guide. You can share the link to the webinar to your support group for members to watch before meeting. You then lead a discussion about the webinar during your monthly meeting. Or, you can watch the webinar with your group and then lead a discussion afterward. The webinars last 30 minutes which leaves you 30 minutes of discussion for an hour-long meeting.

You can personalize our curriculum to meet your group's specific needs. For instance, if your group meets at your house of worship, you can lead a discussion based on the webinar that speaks to your group's religious beliefs. We provide the foundation and you build what you need.

Use our curriculum if you meet in person or virtually. You can use our curriculum if your group meets through a community organization, at a house of worship, in the workplace or informally at a friend's home.


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