Toni Gitles, CCC, CCE and CCF and Educator Trainer

Once you complete your Certified Caregiving Consultant™ training, join Toni Gitles for an upcoming Certified Caregiving Educator™ training.

Toni took care of her aging mother from 2003 until her mom’s death at age 100 in February, 2017.

As an only child, she shouldered the entire burden of care, and through trial and error learned to navigate the health care system, the assisted living facility where her mother resided for 11 years, a variety of illnesses, medications and crazy stuff like her mom’s episode with paranoia and hallucinations. She was at her mom’s side for hours on end through countless emergency room visits, hospitalizations and doctor’s appointments.

In looking back, Toni believes she made the right decisions, provided mom with the highest quality of care available, gave her mom an exceptional quality of life given the challenges, and even saved her mom’s life several times.

After her mom passed, she spent several months reflecting on her experience, what could have been different and how she could share this wisdom with others. She has no regrets on how she handled mom’s health care. Toni’s regret was that she did not take better care of herself, that much of the time she was overcome with anxiety and fatigue and especially that there was no one to guide her through the journey and relieve the stress of the whole experience.

Toni developed a business plan based on supporting the caregiver. Fumbling for a way to put together this program, at the end of 2017, she googled caregiver certification programs hoping there was someone who could provide some concrete direction to her business. She found and Denise Brown, who had already implemented the exact program Toni had created on paper. (except way bigger!) After a conversation with Denise, Toni enrolled in the Partner Program and 3 weeks later was in Chicago taking her certification exams to become a Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and Certified Caregiving Educator™.

With 40 years’ experience in Audiology, as a former Instructor at Baylor College of Medicine and an educator delivering presentations in 11 countries in the Hearing Aid Industry, she was the perfect person to go out into the community and share “The Caregiving Years: 6 Stages to a Meaningful Journey” as often as possible. In 2018 she delivered 23 presentations based on Denise’s work and her own experience as a caregiver.

Toni currently works one-on-one with family caregivers, facilitates support groups and participates in “dementia friendly” caregiving conferences on vacation cruises. In November, 2018, she began leading the Certified Caregiving Educator course. She also is a trainer for the Certified Caregiving Facilitator™ and Certified Caregiving Consultant™ courses and a skills consultant for the Tools training.

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