CCC & CCE Training Program FAQs


CCC & CCE Training Program FAQs

Thank you so much for your interest in our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ and Educator™ training programs. We provide answers to the most comment questions we get asked.

1. Who teaches the CCC and CCE training?

Denise M. Brown, founder of, teaches the CCC training and Toni Gitles teaches the CCE training. You also connect with Skills Consultants.

2. Who are your training program participants?

Our participants are inspired. They may be inspired by a personal caregiving experience to make the caregiving experience better for others. They may be inspired by their work with family caregivers to provide better programs and services. Many participants want a more meaningful, purposeful career so may be in the midst of a career change. Participants include social workers, nurses, business leaders, life coaches, former marketing managers and multi-year family caregivers. Many are leaders -- in their communities, in the workplace and in their families.

We believe a personal caregiving experience plus a desire to make a difference are what's needed to be successful in our program.

3. What do participants do after completing their training?

Most participants join us in order to add caregiving consulting services to their own small business or to their workplace. The majority work one-on-one with family caregivers and former family caregivers. On average, our consultants charge $80 per hour. In addition, our graduates become inspirations within their communities, moving their communities to add better caregiving services and programs.

Our Consultants and Educators make money by helping clients, leading small group discussions and delivering workshops. They also become social media influencers, blog for other organizations and pilot caregiving programs in their community's workplaces and houses of worship.

We provide our graduates with ready-to-go services they can sell to clients including:

  • Family Emergency Plan, which every one needs. Watch our virtual meeting during which we discuss the Family Emergency Plan.

  • 15 Focused Minutes, which you can use with clients on a weekly or monthly basis. Spend 15 effective and efficient minutes helping clients find their right-now focus.

  • Care and Share, our movable caregiving support groups. Attendees receive one free meeting and pay a fee for attending additional meetings.

4. How many hours are the training programs?

The CCC training time commitment breaks out to:

  • Watch recorded modules: 8.5 hours

  • Attend live training (one day or week-to-week): 8 hours

  • Skills consultant calls: 5 hours

  • Master Classes: 3 hours

  • Connecting with family caregivers and delivering complementary sessions: 8.5 hours

In total, the CCC training takes about 40 hours when you include reading our manual and research material.

The CCE training time commitment breaks out to:

  • Watch recorded modules: 4 hours

  • Prepare a presentation to deliver during the live training: 2 hours

  • Live training: 4 hours

In total, the CCE training takes about 10 hours.

5. How did you determine the training's price point?

We’re working with really stressed-out, overwhelmed individuals during the worst times of their lives. They deserve help from well-trained, committed professionals. Our training price point attracts the best who receive the best possible training experience Denise and her team can deliver. Because we offer an intimate classroom training experience, our participants receive feedback and instruction in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Many incorrectly assume that understanding a caree’s aging process is the same as understanding the family caregiver’s situation. They are very different experiences. Denise often writes about this confusion, offering this clarifying insight: Her parents’ days are very different from hers. Our training focus is on the family caregiver and inspired by Denise's 30 years of daily interactions with family caregivers.

Many workshop training programs, like our CCE program, provide presenters with a script and a specific timeline that must be adhered to. Unfortunately, if an attendee to the workshop arrives with pressing need, the presenter cannot pivot to address that need. Our workshop leaders learn the skills to lead a conversation during their workshops. Family caregivers don’t want to attend a lecture; they want to participate in a conversation about their current challenges with others who understand. Our Educator training offers this expertise. It's easy to train participants to follow a script. It's a skill to teach others the confidence it takes to stand in front of a room and lead attendees through a conversational workshop.

In addition, our pricing is based on life coaching training as our training is most similar to a coach training program. A coach training program typically costs $5,000 or more. From that perspective, our training is a great value.

Our Consultants and Educators benefit from Denise's relationships with journalists, conference organizers and business leaders. She regularly recommends Consultants and Educators to journalists needing sources for articles, to conference organizers looking for presenters and business leaders interested in collaborative opportunities. receives 60,000 page views per month which means our Consultants and Educators benefit from the visibility our website offers.

Read about our CCCs in the news.

Finally, consultants leave our training with a great tool, our Family Emergency Plan, that can recoup their training investment when they deliver 30 Emergency Planning consultations. Everyone needs a Family Emergency Plan and there’s no better professional to deliver these than our Consultants. Their personal caregiving experience (which is a crisis management experience) plus our training means they deliver an amazing, invaluable solution.

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