Trends in Caregiving

Our special series takes a closer look at the trends that bubbled up during our Third Annual National Caregiving Conference.

The Caregiving Co-op

By Denise | Dec 4, 2018

The companies that win in our space will embrace the community, rather than the individual, as client.

What Are Your NCC18 Trends?

By Denise | Nov 29, 2018

What changes did you see in products or services being offered to family caregivers? What did you notice that gave you pause?

We Are the Hopeful Tune

By Denise | Nov 29, 2018

We’re transforming the caregiving experience into one that gives us a business, a book, a podcast, a perspective, better health, a meaningful future.

We’re a Speciality Deserving of Specialists

By Denise | Nov 25, 2018

When we care for a family member, we struggle to share honestly about our experiences. We need a caregiving specialist.

Our Voice Is Getting Louder

By Denise | Nov 24, 2018

So many of us will be adding our voice to the conversation that we’ll elevate the conversation to a new decibel.

We’re Everyone

By Denise | Nov 23, 2018

I’m in the caregiving space, which isn’t about an age or a gender or an ethnicity. It includes everyone and is about everyone.

We’re Everywhere

By Denise | Nov 22, 2018

Family caregivers are everywhere. When we put out products and services that speak to them, they’ll self-identify.

We Mean Business

By Denise | Nov 21, 2018

The Godspeed Caregiver is the book author, the volunteer extraordinaire, the entrepreneur. The trend to turn that personal caregiving experience into a career has never been greater than now and was on full display at NCC18.

The Movement Is Here

By Denise | Nov 20, 2018

The movement is organizing and moving forward at a grass-roots level because of former family caregivers, those who have enough perspective and healing to put emotion into action to change the experience of those currently caring for a family member.

The Husbands (and Wife) Behind the Women on Stage

By Denise | Nov 19, 2018

Women are using their caregiving experience to step up, stand out and share their stories as professional, successful entrepreneurs. They truly reflected this year’s conference theme — finding our best during a time that feels like the worst.