Zentangle Art Show


Zentangle Art Show

Welcome! Please enjoy our very first Zentangle Art Show. Our show features Zentangles created by those who currently care and those who cared for a family member or friend.

According to Zentangle.com, the Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Because Zentangle draws you in to the patterns you create, the art form is a great way to relax.

To learn more about our artists and to vote for your favorite piece, scroll down below our Art Show. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

About the Artists

Yolanda Diaz: "I have been caring for my grandparents for over five years. I'm a very creative person and art and crafts are how I express myself." You can read more of Yolanda's caregiving story on her blog.

Lillie Fuller: "My name is Lillie Fuller. I’m single, 56 years old and sole caregiver to my 88-year-old mom, who is a victim of several strokes. I have two children, two stepchildren and three grandsons. I have been caring for my mom for the past 17 years. I also cared for my dad and helped care for my paternal grandmother and a lifelong neighbor." Read more of Lillie's caregiving story on her blog.

Jean Keslin: "I'm an after caregiver who cared ten years for my MIL who had vascular dementia. I'm gradually finding a new direction for my life and venturing into the 'outside world' again."

Lisa Land: "I've been caring for my father for six years now. He is 89 years young and has mobility issues due to a past stroke. Every day is a challenge, but it's also an adventure. I consider this time in our lives to be a blessing I will always treasure." You can read more of Lisa's caregiving story on her blog.

Mar: "I'm a freshman caregiver to my husband, Tom. Lots to learn. Glad to be here." You can read more of Mar's caregiving story on her blog.

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Wow...congrats to Jean on the win here (totally in a league of your own there...I bet you could self-publish a book of them and do well). \r\nI haven't played too much lately and my net has literally just come back (no desire to draw offline b/c I kept looking at the computer and phone crying \"why?!\") So, my only and only zentangle looks like child's play, except worse. lol


Thanks so much to all our artists for such a beautiful art show!\r\n\r\nAnd, congrats to <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/jmkeslin/' rel=\"nofollow\">@jmkeslin</a>, who won with \"Jean No. 3.\" Look for an email from me with details about your Amazon.com gift card.


What a difficult choice to decide. So much talent, you folks.


Wonderful expressions of creativity, everyone! So hard to choose!

Allison O'Brien

I am so impressed!! They are all truly amazing, beautiful works of art! I can't wait to show them to Christopher when he wakes up today! I watched the first video Mar sent me last night, and I will have time later to watch the one Jean shared. I can't wait to start my first one! This is a really great idea, and I hope to have a few of my own that are worthy of entering in the next Zentangle Art Show!!\r\n Thank you all for sharing your creations!!! I am really struggling with which one I am going to select as my favorite. They are all such unique and extraordinary creations! I am going to require the help of Christopher and Tarl when casting my vote!!!

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